Product introduction
Model: lm-100 [Lora cloud control system host]
Shell material: aluminum alloy
Input voltage: AC 100V~240V
Output power: <5W
Working temperature: -15℃~60℃
Relative humidity: ≤50% RH
Protection level: IP0 (not dustproof, not waterproof)
Use environment: Please install in a dry indoor environment, avoid dust, humidity, rain and direct sunlight.
Communication: Uplink: 4G
                  Down: LoRa
System available channels: 10
Maximum number of sub-controllers for a single project: 2000 units
Effective coverage: radius 500m
Dimensions: Unit: mm
  Function introduction

◆ Function Overview

1. whole LoRa control system consists of three important components: LoRa cloud control platform, LoRa main controller and LoRa sub-controller. The main object of the specification is the LoRa main controller (hereinafter referred to as the main control). The product model is LM100-A1, main control is connected with the LoRa cloud control platform through 4 G to control the sub-controller drive lamp belt for display;

2. with 4 G modules for communication with LoRa cloud control platform;

3. with LoRa module, using LoRa spread spectrum communication technology control LR series of sub-control, broadcast synchronization time, polling sub-control state, effective coverage of 500 meters;

4. can use LoRa cloud control platform or main control button to switch effect mode and play speed, brightness.

◆ Applications Programme