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Project Name: Gymnasium in Huyi District, Xi'an

Project owner: Gymnasium in Huyi District, Xi'an

Project location: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province



The TOD High Line park project of Vanke School of administration is located in Chengdu School of administration station of Chengdu Yidu West Road track line 2. As one of the four major TOD product sys



Nanjing is like a pot of wine, a pot of wine with a dry history. At the fragrant place, everything you hear is a story. Qinhuai River bank, Jinling imperial Prefecture, each scene carries those movi
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HongLin has many technicians in the fields of optical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, controlling and software development. Thanks to the development in the past 20 years, we have had rich experienc

Introduction: According to foreign media thelec report, Samsung Electronics originally planned to introduce UV LED applications into 20-30% of its new home appliances next year. However, Samsung Elect

Introduction: At 4:30 on November 24th, at the Wenchang Space Launch Site, the Chang'e-5 probe successfully sent the Chang'e-5 probe into the scheduled orbit with the Long March 5 Yaowu carrier rocket

The price "worries" what LED will fight for in 2014? With the gradual implementation of government support measures and the continuous increase of support, the LED lighting industry is entering th

The National Standards Commission issued 259 national standards, three of which are related to LED lights. On September 16, the National Standards Commission approved the issuance of 259 national stan

The modern technology of stage lighting is often amazing. Different stage lights bring different visual feelings to the stage. Now, light is widely used. Using stage lighting

When making the lighting layout of TV stations and primary and middle school studios, in addition to meeting the video shooting requirements of the entire studio, it is also necessary to consider how

The author suggests that all LED enterprise decision makers temporarily put aside the so-called "Internet thinking" and first analyze the current external environment of the enterprise and the change

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