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The Souq Organics 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

The Souq Organics 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil


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  • Hypoallergenic
  • Noncomedogenic
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Highest Grade
  • Fairly-traded
  • Cold pressed
  • Authentic
  • Imported from Morocco


Use to 2 to 3 drops on the face after washing with mild cleanser. Use in the morning as make-up base and in the evening as moisturizer.


100% Pure Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil from Morocco.

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for The Souq Organics 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Typical Filipina on January 4, 2013 :

    My skin regimen: carrot soap, no toners, moisturizer (Argan Oil or others)
    I first learned about The Souq’s Argan Oil while reading The Philippine Star early last year (2012). I wanted to buy it but couldn’t due to budget constraints. I decided to settle for a relatively-cheaper brand a few months later.
    The brand I used worked very well for me: it made my skin glow and it made me look younger. I used up two bottles for six months. The only down side was that it made my skin rough. I took it for granted thinking it was normal when using argan oil and also because it was already doing its job of nourishing my skin. I also thought that my rough skin was part of growing older. I’m already 36 years old after all and I can’t expect my skin to be eternally youthful.
    Last Christmas (2012), I decided to finally buy The Souq’s Argan Oil and I’m glad I made that decision. On first use, I already noticed the difference: the oil had a distinctive, almost-sour scent to it, which my previous brand didn’t. I don’t mind this at all. Next thing I noticed is the consistency: The Souq’s argan oil is not thick and sticky at all. This means that with the same four drops, I was able to use it on my face, neck, chest area, and arms. The consistency of The Souq’s argan oil is kind of like a dry oil, I don’t know how else to put it. I’ve been using it for about a week and a half now and on the second night of using it, I noticed that my face felt tigher. Wow! Finally, the best effect that The Souq’s Argan oil had on me was that it made my skin soft and smooth. I only noticed this a couple of days ago and was promptly floored. I couldn’t believe that my face could feel smooth! The roughness I’ve taken for granted is gone! I don’t know how it happened but I’ll be asking the Souq about it and maybe they can help me figure it out.
    Overall, I am so glad I bought this product and will continue to use it for as long as I can. Thank you very much for bringing this superior-quality argan oil to the Philippines, Souq!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by clean beauty advocate on February 8, 2013 :

    i’ve been using the souq organics pure argan oil for more than a year. it’s the best hair conditioner (2 drops on my short hair – more when i’m on a beach trip), face moisturizer (1-2 drops all over face and neck) and hand and nail treatment. moisturizes, nourishes, won’t leave you feeling greasy and most of all it doesn’t have any of the nasty toxic preservatives most skin creams contain. i just have one comment though, i would love to have the old dropper bottle back instead of the new pump bottle. the reason being, it’s a lot easier to regulate the amount of product you dispense with the dropper. with the pump, i kind of end up applying more, and this can result to flatter hair, less volume. again, thank you very much the souq organics for making us Filipinas enjoy a top quality imported product.

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