The brand WILD to MILD was chosen to represent the company’s continuous effort to come up with innovative products from Natural and Organic ingredients which may just have been considered wild, such as Turmeric, made beneficial to man thru extensive research, use of modern technology and food processing.

The food supplements and personal care products are the first of its kind in the market, where   the products’ main ingredient is TURMERIC, made available in different galenical forms such as tea, moisturizing and exfoliating soap, anti acne cream, as well as hair and skin care products. This was made possible thru a grant from the Department of Agriculture which commissioned the company to study the viability of processing and marketing of Philippine natural ingredients to help coconut farmers develop an alternative source of income due to the  devastating effects of “KUKULISAP”.


Provide a holistic  approach to disease prevention and environmental protection, by providing  all natural and organic food supplements, personal care, and high value crops. From the food that consumers eat to the supplements that they take  –  we got them covered!  By growing our own natural ingredients and fresh  produce in addition to selective partnerships with marginalized farmers nationwide,  customers are assured of freshly harvested and quality controlled ingredient/fresh produce grown according to certified organic practices in the country.

To ensure that our products live up to its promise of high quality and freshness, we will only be making them  available in outlets known for their unquestionable reputation  of providing  only the best for their customers.

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