The Souq Organics introduces affordable French personal care brand – BIOPHA ORGANICS

Popular French organic personal care brand Biopha Organics is now in the Philippines. Biopha Organics has invaded popular beauty stores and supermarkets all over Europe since it was launched in 1972 and now, Filipinos can enjoy the luxurious feel and scent of Biopha Organics as it lines the shelves of select drug and beauty stores in the Metro.

A history of expertise

Biopha traces its roots with the introduction of Biolane in 1972 by French Pharmacist Doctor Chabrand. At that time, the products were strictly sold in Pharmacies.  Eventually, the brand was bought by the Ponroy Sante Group in 1999 and since then, has branched out and became a major player in the organic personal care business.

Closer to nature

Biopha Organics is as close to nature as one can get as its collection of personal care products are certified ORGANIC  by not just one, but two international organic regulatory organizations: Ecocert and CosmeBio. This means that every ingredient in every bottle of Biopha Organics comes from 100% natural origin and is free from GMOs, petrochemicals and chlorine derivatives, parabens and artificial scents and coloring.

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